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About Talent Radar

Our experience

Talent Radar is built on over 15 years of dedicated expertise in recruitment   management and 10 years of hands on experience recruiting talent in specialist sectors across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Talent Radar process

  1. Terms and Conditions agreed and signed

  2. Client provides job description plus salary package and benefits

  3. Talent Radar team will arrange a brief call/meeting to clarify additional information

  4. Database & network review will be completed to identify suitable existing contacts

  5. Confidential job advertisement added to the Talent Radar job seekers page if required 

  6. Basic applicant screening process completed by phone, video call, or in person meeting

  7. Client provided with  'Applicant Profile Form'  for each applicant which includes their CV

  8. Whenever an offer is made we are available to support with negotiations as required

  9. We utilize market leading talent management software to manage the process

  10. Payment is due based on successful placement

Talent Radar is an express talent acquisition service which provides a no win, no fee hiring solution for organizations that require external support with ad-hoc recruitment for mid level and Management functions. 



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